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    Bradley Young


    This was a wonderful party honoring West Coast Jazz Legend Howard Rumsey’s 93rd Birthday…

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    Bradley Young

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    Bradley Young

    Buy Album Bradley Young And Chet Baker swing together in this previously unreleased classic.

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    “An innovative arranger…an adventurous, hard swinging soloist, and a sensitive accompanist.” -Scott Yanow, Downbeat Magazine


    “Grace and elegance, with just the right touch of bluesy funk…A commanding player. Drawing on a diverse series of historical and modern piano influences,
    Bradley Young established himself as a versatile, dynamic player in every Jazz genre, from Blues and Boogie Woogie to Bebop and Contemporary Jazz.”
    – Jonathan Widran, Music Scene Magazine

    Bradley Young – Jazz Pianist

    There’s nothing standard about the way Bradley Young plays the standards.
    Sure, you know the songs. But never quite like this.
    Now infinitely more romantic. Mellower, but with a soft swing the makes every melody sing like it’s never sung before.

    So select a song – any song – and fall in love all over again with the world’s most romantic music.